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Why is my eCheck (ACH) payment being declined?

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There may be several reasons why your checking account is being declined at the point of purchase:

  • Your account does not have sufficient funds available to cover the transaction amount.

  • Your bank or financial institution may have restrictions active on your payment source that restrict you from making online purchases.

  • Your account may have been reported as being lost, stolen or compromised.

  • There may be online transaction limits put in place by your bank on your payment source.

  • You may not have correctly entered your account details including your routing number* and account number

  • The website may not be permitted to sell the particular product or service in your jurisdiction.

In many of these cases, you should contact your bank or financial institution directly and enquire about the status of your payment source. If you have contacted your bank and still have questions relating to your purchase transactions, please contact us directly by support ticket, live chat or by phone.

* Please note: Some US banks have an alternative routing number in order for checking accounts to be accepted online, known as the online routing number. You can contact your bank directly to enquire whether your account has an online routing number.


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